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Lotus N Bloom's Monthly Subscription

Never be without your product again!!!
(on time and every month)

Complete Subscription Form below

Subscription Service
Choose your desired scents below:

* Scents with the ( * ) are only available during Spring/Summer

After Subscribing, scroll down and hit SUBMIT





Every month

Perfect for those who moisturize infrequently

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        One 3 oz, tube of your favorite scent every month




Every month

  Perfect for those who know what they want

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   Two 3 oz. tubes of your favorite scent every month




Every month

For the person who enjoys a variety

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        First month, you will receive THREE 3 oz. tubes 

Then receive TWO 3oz. tubes

Choose TWO scents




Every month

For the person who knows quality and loves it

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        You will receive SIX 3oz tubes of your favorite scent  a month

Choose 3 scents

Terms and Conditions


We offer a variety of fragrances to choose from, which will be sent in tubes. The subscriber chooses their scent. It can be changed at any time.

***If you would prefer our jars, you can get your subscription with jars for an additional $5.00/month


Shipping costs: Shipping is included in the price.

We are pretty sure you are going to love, love, love our all-natural body butters, and will want to stay with us forever. But, if for whatever reason you need to cancel your membership you can do so. When cancelling, you need to do it at least 2 weeks before the upcoming payment is due. If you have already been billed for the upcoming month’s box, your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle.  

Lotus N Bloom Subscription Plans cannot be paused, are ineligible for returns, and are nonrefundable.

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