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Sharmon Mitchell has always dreamt of becoming a business owner. In her early 20’s, she would braid hair to make extra money. From there, the idea came to start her own hair salon, but Sharmon knew on the inside hair didn’t bring much fulfillment to her.

What did bring her peace and joy was anything related to spa care. Facials and body scrubs take her to a place of comfort unlike anything else.

Sharmon has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for fifteen years, and although she enjoys it, she began to feel like something was missing. Some years ago, she noticed many of her loved ones were suddenly becoming ill, and were being diagnosed with various types of cancer.

As someone who always likes to help people, and knowing that medically she would not be able to bring physical relief to her loved ones, she sought ways to support them that would be impactful.

Thinking about many of the leading causes of cancer, Sharmon realized although we cannot control the air quality or sun radiation, or the way foods are processed before entering our bodies, we can control the products we use on our skin. This sparked Sharmon’s interest in body care.

The skin is the largest organ on our bodies but the most neglected. In order for products to function the best on our skin, we have to take better care of it.

Initially thinking of it as simply a hobby, Sharmon would search for do-it-yourself (DIY) videos online about how to make body butters, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and body oils — anything that was possible for her to create using the ingredients already in her home. After testing these various products on family members, she noticed the body butters were an instant hit.

From there, Sharmon would spend countless hours perfecting her body butter recipe, and coming up with a name, logo, and sleek packaging that looked different from anything she had seen in stores.

No longer a hobby, this business is now formerly known as Lotus N Bloom, which has been in operation since 2016. The name comes from Sharmon’s admiration for the lotus flower. She would see the flower constantly growing up, and would read and research about it. She even has a tattoo of the lotus flower.

Upon opening the inside of your Lotus N Bloom body butter jar, you’ll see the butters look like a budding flower, stacked on top of each other, giving the butters a unique design and Sharmon’s personal touch.

The body butters are made from all-natural products, which include shea and mango butter, virgin coconut oil, apricot oil, almond oil, and fragrance oil blends. In addition, the butters are packed with beneficial properties for the skin, to include: vitamin E, enhanced skin radiance, and reduced hyperpigmentation. The oils also contain antioxidant properties and help the skin retain its elasticity.

The line of body butters includes thirteen unique scents — ranging from sweet to warm, fresh to fruity, and musk. They contain no artificial coloring, allowing the butters to retain all of their natural properties, and maintain its all-natural claims.

Sharmon prides herself on not recreating popular scents that you can find anywhere. She has dedicated much time to bringing unique scents and ingredients together for everyone to enjoy.

Sharmon has her heart set on expanding her body care line, which now includes body butters, body soaps, and body scrubs.

She is currently going back to school, pursuing a degree in chemistry with the hopes of formulating new products even better, and enhancing the current ones. Her ultimate goal is to provide products that will improve a person’s experience with their skin, as they practice selfcare.

Milk Bath

Our Approach

At Lotus N Bloom, we realize skin needs a lot of love and attention. So, we created products that are all natural. We do not use stabilizers, waxes, phthalates, sulfates, or any of those harsh chemicals that damage the skin.


From responsible initiatives to extensive research, our talented team is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our products and expand our product line. Now, the time has come to turn your inner beauty inside out.


Take this journey with us towards enhancing and maintaining your healthy skin, as you begin to feel your best along the way.

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